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Static IP address

Приложение SecureVPN

Each of our servers has several static IP addresses from which users access Internet. When you change a VPN server, the external IP address is assigned randomly. User can also change the IP address of an active connection. To do this simply select an address from the list, and your address will be switched on the fly.

A pool of randomly assigned addresses is standard practice in the telecommunications world. Internet service providers and mobile operators work in a similar way.

IP addresses sharing can improve user anonymity. However, since other users are also using your IP, it can be a drawback in certain situations.

In particular, some Internet services take into account the addresses from which users performed registration or other actions. You may receive an error message or reach an action limit if you try to do something on such sites using the IP address that was previously used by another user. This often happens with the popular ad service like Avito.ru, which will result in your account block due to inappropriate behavior of other users of a shared IP address.

The solution to this problem is to use a dedicated IP address

Доступ к корпоративным сетям

Access to corporate networks

Administrators can restrict access to network resources from IP addresses that are not included in the whitelist to protect against unauthorized access. A dedicated IP address is the ideal solution for corporate networks remote access in this case.

Системы онлайн-банкинга

Working with wallets and online banking

Many payment systems have an option to improve account security by allowing access to the wallet only from certain IP addresses. A dedicated IP address will provide reliable protection for your funds in this case.

In addition, almost all financial services and online banking systems use monitoring systems based on identifying suspicious user behavior. Accessing an account from different IP addresses, especially those located in different geographic regions, can be regarded as a hacking attempt by the monitoring system. When a wallet is used by several people, for example by a remote development team, this can lead to unwanted account blocks. To avoid this it's enough to use a dedicated IP address.

Удаленный доступ

Remote access

With the help of a dedicated IP address you can easily organize the remote access to your services from the Internet - all you need to do is configure redirect to the required port of your device. At the same time Internet users won't find out your real IP address which ensures your anonymity.

For example, by using this feature you can provide remote access to the equipment on your local network for technicians, or configure access to IP surveillance cameras from the Internet.

Benefits of SecureVPN Dedicated IPs

One person use
  • For the entire lease term only you and no one else will use the selected IP address.
Variety of geolocations
  • Always available for order: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kiev, Minsk.
Ease of use
  • The dedicated IP address can be used along with other IP addresses on the VPN server. You can use up to 5 devices simultaneously.
Port forwarding
  • The ability to configure port forwarding for remote access to your devices and network services.
Flexible terms
  • We will offer you the best terms for your tasks, even dedicated VPN servers in the required locations.
Various payment methods
  • We accept electronic payments, bitcoin, and all other cryptocurrencies. We won't ask for your documents and phone number - you only need an email.

Static IP Address Cost

  • Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk - 500 rubles (around $6) per month.
  • Kiev, Minsk - $6 per month.

In order to buy, click the button below, purchase a subscription for a period of 1 month or more, and contact technical support to attach an IP address to your subscription.


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