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General recommendations before you buy a VPN service


When it becomes necessary to protect your traffic, remain anonymous, get access to blocked resources and the choice falls on VPN, many people ask: "Which VPN service is best for this task?". What criteria to look at when choosing and what to focus on when comparing?

Request to the search engine

The most obvious first step is to form a search engine query to find out all the possible choices. The most logical solution is to make it brief and informative, for example: "Buy VPN service" or "cheap VPN service". You can add clarifying words for a narrower search: "VPN service 256-bit encryption" or "VPN service with IKEv2 protocol". There is a great chance to stumble upon a service that suits you if you formed the most accurate request for your needs.


Each VPN service offers you a number of servers to connect to and their list is always different. Some offer to choose from 4000 servers, and some from 10. Naturally, the price of such services will be different. It is worth considering whether you need such a number of servers. If you are trying to bypass the blocking of sites, you can safely choose a service with a small list of servers to connect, but you should consider their location (there is a chance that in other countries the resource you need to connect to is also blocked). However, if your activity requires a large number of IP addresses, then the option with multiple servers is your choice.


VPN services usually have a standard set of applications for the most popular platforms: Android, Windows, MacOS, and iOS. Do you need an application or not - it's up to you. However, you should remember that the absence of an application is not a problem. In almost all cases, connection to the server can be configured using standard OS tools according to the instructions you can find on the service website.


This is an important point, because the higher the data transfer rate, the more comfortable it is to work on the network. VPN speed depends on many parameters. We have sorted out for you the main ones:

  • Server Location - the closer the server is to your location, the higher the speed, but often this rule is broken by data highway.
  • It is easy to explain this: imagine that you are in the Far East and want to connect to a server in China. The distance is small, but the data will go across Russia to Moscow, and then to China. This is due to the fact that there is no direct cable from the Far East to China.

Demo access

VPN service with trial subscription type available solves many problems for you. You can register and take a demo period to check all the above points and see if you like the service or not.


Almost every VPN service says that it does not keep logs. This means that your activity on a VPN server will not be stored, which guarantees complete security of your data. This is not entirely true. No service will tell you that it keeps logs, because the credibility of such services will disappear immediately. There is a high probability that the service really does not keep logs, but there is no way to verify this. As a result, the absence of logs now is more of a publicity move than some real advantage.

Payment Methods

Basically, all VPN services provide popular payment methods such as Credit card, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, etc. This is not the main point for choosing a VPN service, but it is better to be able to pay in a way that is convenient for you.


On average, the price of a monthly subscription for VPN services is $10. There are very cheap services on the market, but for a lower price you get reduced functionality and the lack of some options that are available at a more expensive service. If you do not care about options such as KillSwitch, changing your system time to the server time, using a secure DNS, then feel free to choose a cheap service.


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